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Louis Serling

This game feels like Alice In Graphicdesignland, a modern-retro contraption, of sight and sound and of mind. If Louis Carroll and Rod Serling made a graphic novel puzzle game in 2016, it might play something like this. Good luck you freaks!


I dont think I can find the words to explain how captivating and fascinating this game was. Creepy, original, challenging, and an all-around perfect game if Ive ever seen one. Loved and thoroughly recommend.

Amazing game

This is one of the best games I have ever played. It was intense, interesting, beautiful, enjoyable, and I never wanted it to stop. I only wish there were more levels.

The Best Puzzle Game

This is the only puzzle game Ive played on iPad that is worth the price. Its both a legitimate challenge, where you have to really pay attention to the subtle clues, and a fun story to try to walk your way through. I really wish it was ten times longer though. SEQUEL PLEASE!


Device 6 is worth its price because it is very very Emerging and exciting like when you think you are stuck on something you arent you just havent followed a code. After all I think if you like puzzle games you will love this. Plus if you like mystery, suspense or scary books then you will like this. This games is kinda like room 1, 2 or 3.

Best text based game Ive ever played.

This is the greatest game Ive seen in a time time. It is so elaborate, beautiful, and was very well put together and thought out. It runs so smoothly. I love that you have to turn your phone with the text, and I love the music and sounds. The surveys in between each level and clever one you realize what they are for. The ending is so phenomenal. I would recommend this to anyone.

Best game!

One of the best games, I have ever played! Its challenging, fun and has a great storyline! I love the the way the story flows with the rooms, and movement. Its is difficult but not too hard, you have to think and be good at puzzles. I hope soon for more! Plus I love the song in the Club, its quite catchy, Id love to download it.

If you havent lived in this game yet, GET IT NOW!!!

It is original, bizarre and addictive - best not to play while going to bed because you will not sleep. Unforgettable!

Le français

Français svp

Just the best game on the AppStore

Everything is in the title its an amazing game, a little bit too hard for me maybe but when you take the time to fully immerse yourself in the riddles, it becomes an unique experience.


Its absolutely brilliant and compelling. Ive never seen anything like it when it comes to app games. Absolutely everyone should play this and have this amazing experience.

jump scare

the game contains jump scares and should be considered intense terror, not mild

Need more games like this!!

I loved every second!

What an experience!

Truly original puzzle game and format, great use of iPad design. Challenging puzzles in a wonderfully crafted environment. Well worth the time and cash!

Must Buy

Great game!!! I love the story

Style and substance.

Lateral thinking puzzles with the most beautiful presentation Ive seen in a game. Its a little short, but so are movies. All in all, A unique experience well worth the money.


Best game I have ever as specially the ending

Well Done!

A really great app, design is un-matched in my experience, truly a "work of tech-art". Storyline keeps you hooked and the puzzles have you scrutinizing every word, sound and image to make sure you dont miss anything. Big thumbs up from someone who rarely rates apps.


Most unique and brilliant game Ive ever played. So good Im hoping for a sequel. Worth every penny. Get it while you can.


A really well done game. The puzzles play well with the story and the philosophical questions about games and reality are subtle but interesting.

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