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Equal access for D/HH please!

I’m bummed. A very interesting artistic concept, unusable for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people, unless captions are added for the spoken clues, and textual descriptions of critical sounds. I hope the developers include these; Deaf people, who are exceptionally visual would enjoy this unique storytelling.

Where is my precious doll?

It’s been five days. I’m still expecting it.

Atmospheric but very short

The initial atmosphere is very good and you step into something weird and different. However, it soon turns out that there are relatively few puzzles, and the sum of the puzzles and the story line is much less than expected. + Points for originality, atmosphere + Few decent puzzles - Very short - Final story as a whole, ending is disappointing - Words on a page going different directions is more of a gimmick than substantive

Too expensive for the amount of gameplay

The game is beautifully designed, and the puzzles were fun and challenging, and then... it ends. I almost never download apps that aren’t free, but took a chance on this one because it came so highly recommended. I never would have paid so much for this one if I’d known I would finish the whole game in about an hour and then never play it again. I’m sure it’s exactly the same the second time through, so there’s no replay value either.

Beyond Unique

This game is so original I don’t know what to do now. Everything else feels stale. I was so engaged it felt like the game wasn’t long enough, but all good things must end. I’m strongly hoping they are working on a sequel.

An amazing experience

I first downloaded and played this game 3 years ago. Being stuck in bed after a surgery I downloaded lots of games and plenty of them were entertaining. This app, however, is not only mesmerizing and inventive, but has remained one of my favorite games of all time. I can not recommend this game enough!


This is a Wes Anderson rip-off


This game is too hard.

Not a game -interactive novel

Terrible game, and requires turning your device 360 degrees to read single sentences at a time. Puzzle aspect is poor, and it is clearly designed to engage based on the paragraphs of writing. The writers are not good, and the story is poor. Awful purchase.

App doesn’t work

I was super excited to play this given all the great reviews. Unfortunately the app doesn’t work on either my iPad or iPhone. I get to the first page where it says “Start Simulation Please Swipe” and no matter how many times I swipe nothing happens. I’ve emailed the developers to get my money back but haven’t heard back yet. Huge disappointment!

The Experience of "House of Leaves" as an iPhone Game

HoL redefined the printed novel. This game does the same for the handheld game. Both this game and that book create a unique experience using text. The graphics are perfectly done The medium of a smartphone is perfectly exploited. The feel of the game is that of the Mid-Century aesthetic of JAZZPUNK crossed with the British reserve of the old TV show "The Avengers" (John Steed and Mrs. Peel). In closing I will say that this is the best game I might ever play on my phone.

You won’t regret it!

I play a lot of mystery games. This by far is my favorite! It’s so out there!!

Great if scrolling entertains you

I have never written a review in over a decade of having a phone, but I’m really disappointed I spent money on this. If you like scrolling endlessly and turning your phone all around to be able to read and have hours of your life to waste, it’s perfect for you. Almost zero graphics. For extremely bored hipsters. Full regret. Happy other ppl like it but omg omg that was a total waste of my mobile entertainment time and money.

The Best Puzzle Game

This is the only puzzle game I've played on iPad that is worth the price. It's both a legitimate challenge, where you have to really pay attention to the subtle clues, and a fun story to try to walk your way through. It is truly the most inventive puzzle game I’ve come across, including Monument Valley. I really wish it was ten times longer though. SEQUEL PLEASE!

Not my cup of tea

Interesting concept I guess... I just don’t think it was worth the $4-5 most people spend on it. Overall it wasn’t really that fun of a game.

Doesn’t work on iPad Pro 1st gen

Title says it all and I’m out 4 bucks. Even though the App Store says “will work on this iPad” it does not. Just stays on the title screen

Good. Not worth $4 IMO

I liked this game. But it’s pretty short. Very clever and unique. But not worth the money. Not a great ROI.

It is a nice game

Initially I couldn’t work it but the developers contacted me to tell it is should be working. And it is!! Thanks !!!

Not really much of a game

It’s certainly stylish and well produced, but it’s not really much of a game in the end. There are only five actual puzzles to solve (there is no puzzle in the sixth chapter), and those range from “extremely simple” to “somewhat clever but annoying to navigate”. That’s the key here: the navigation consists of a huge amount of scrolling through text in all four directions, backwards and upside down, laid out by a design school dropout. An intelligent person can easily solve the five puzzles in less than hour, but that’s drawn out to two or even three hours by all of the scrolling and backtracking. It’s better to think of this “game” as a piece of interactive fiction or modern art — essentially “The Prisoner” meets “Alice in Wonderland” — and then let yourself experience it as such.

No heart

Disappointing even at a discounted price of $0.99. I didn’t mind constantly turning my device around or the zero replay value and it has originality in terms of execution but - Puzzles are way too easy once you understand the mechanics of the game. - No character development and doesn’t inspire emotional investment to either the protagonist or the story as a whole. - Writing, which constitutes a large part of the experience, is mediocre at best. - Tries and largely fails at being atmospheric, even on headphones. Unfortunately Device 6 is an average game that doesn’t live up to either its potential or the hype surrounding it.

I want to marry this game

This is the best game ever. Get it.

Stunning game

Absolutely mind-blowing. Never seen a game like this before. Played 6 hours straight.

Honestly the best game ever made

This is the best game ever made. Not lying. The story is well written, and the game is really challenging but very very fun and addicting. (Not that I’m saying I want it to, but) This game should be more money for its quality. Why are you still reading this I think you should buy it . It’s only like three bucks, so why not. You will get addicted, and it will be the best three bucks you’ve ever spent.

Still one of the best mobile games ever.

Simogo make some incredible games; games that are artistic and creative and extremely well-polished that give you a unique experience unlike many thousands of other games. Of all of their games (and I’ve played all that are available on the App Store), this is my favorite. It’s a clever, multi-sensory puzzler that ropes you in, entertains you, and keeps you (and leaves you) thinking. If you’re tired of games that just require you to tap-tap-tap and you love a good noir/detective novel, try this game.

Can I get a refund?

This looked promising but after about 2 minutes, I checked out. - the never ending intro that takes forever was intrusive into the overall theme. - the photo id it wanted to take... meh - that would have to play this with sound in. Meh. No thanks. - the vertical / horizontal text switching back and forth is annoying - Anna wakes up thinking about dolls but wants a cigarette? What is she an 8 year old smoker? The lighthouse in the distance through the window is very reminiscent of a scene from other games like this.

Doesn't work in iOS 11.2.1

At the Ground Floor Lobby, there is nothing after the sentence "Locked." I thought I was missing something, so I googled for and watched a YouTube walkthrough of Chapter One. Nope. It's just that on iPhone X and iPad (2016) THERE IS NO GAME SOUND OR PLAYABILITY like in the video. I can only backtrack to Start Simulation, which is where it also picks up if I re-open the app. Nowhere to exit/go to title page/settings/options/anything.


Just checked the mail, still haven’t received the doll!


Creative idea and interesting story concept but I did not enjoy it. It vacillated between too hard and too easy with absolutely no replay-ability.

An Original, Creative Adventure

This game is a game like no other. Through twisting puzzles, a unique storytelling method, and an amazingly catchy song playing on loop, you will like this game.

paid reviewers and now itunes sells out as well

i dont believe a minute that these reviews are real. and now itunes is plugging this old game as well. what is going on? this company makes a whole slew of super artsy but crappy games that are not really even games. they are some mix of one boring thing with another boring thing. i bought them all and have played them all just because everybody says how great they are. yearwalk- boring,complicated,and nothing happens. sailors dream - same side scrolling crap, obviously built on the same boring game engine, and again nothing really happens! and then this - a book that you have to turn you device around and around to read. really? is this a childrens book? and why does that and 4 crappy puzzles make this “game of the year”??? i was fooled into buying this garbage so please dont be fooled out of your money as well. i will tell you the truth because the app store obviously has sold out completely.

Pretty, but overhyped.

Yes, it’s very well produced. Yes, it’s unique. Yes, it has a very cool feel. However, it really is just six puzzles in very pretty packaging. It was over very quickly and once it’s done, it’s done. There’s zero replay value. Once you’ve solved the puzzles, the fun is over. It’s not nearly enough for the money. The “story” is just not as mindblowing or edgy as people are saying. The mystery isn’t there and the result is predictable. For all of the 5 star reviews, I expected much more. This feels like a demo for a much cooler game. $1.99 would be more appropriate.


I want so much more of this type of game. The graphics, the storyline, and some well placed humor! It was wonderful. I kind of felt like I was being watched the whole time which made the game even more interactive. The puzzles really made you think outside of the norm but were so satisfying when you figured them out. Don’t cheat. Learn.

Unfathomably great!

This game is so tantalizing and genius, it’d be crazy to give it a rating lower than 5! I love it!

Best game I’ve played

Just absolutely amazing. Graphics, gameplay, story. Also scared me half to death because I’m a wimp.

Very good and very sad

The game has a great story and is very worth playing till the end. I would give it 5 if they had continued the story and not leave some plot holes. It looks amazing and doesn’t disappoint with great puzzles and a mind boggling story. The reason it is also sad is (SPOILER WARNING) you get to know the character and to kind have a sense of her unsettling circumstance. It was sad when she thought she was leaving and them got shot at the end. But over all a very nice story, good job. 4/5

Complete waste on iPad Pro

Installed, uninstalled, restarted iPad Pro, reinstalled the game and it’s still stuck on the splash screen. I need my money back!

Frustrating and boring

It’s definitely unique and obviously well made but I was pretty bored from the beginning and super frustrated because it makes you think you’re on the right track while actually being way off. I play A LOT of puzzle games (practically all I’ve played since childhood) and this boring game had me stumped from the beginning. I gave it two tries and couldn’t get through the first puzzle without a walkthrough. That’s not fun. It’s just a waste of my precious little game time.

Amazing graphics

The only problem is I wish this game were longer! The graphics are absolutely stunning and it is just challenging enough to be addictive. Really beautiful game.

Very unique

Interesting idea, well implemented. Bravo Simogo!

Compelling and Mind-Twisting

Device 6 tells one of the most interesting stories I’ve read, making full use of the form of electronic literature and telling a story that would be impossible to tell in any other medium. Without reservations, I highly recommend everyone should read/play this.

I'm old

I've been a hard core computer user for over fifty years. I can count the computer games I've enjoyed playing on the fingers of one hand. Adventure, Portal, Myst, Monument Valley. And now Device 6. Seriously, is that different, that clever and that entertaining.


I really don’t see what all the hype was about. I found this game to be boring and unfulfilling. Like reading while spinning your phone in circles? Hey, maybe this is for you. It tries so hard to be weird just for the sake of being weird, and I got bored with it very quickly.

Still Freezing on launch

Device 6 freezes on launch screen (red device6 logo screen) on my iPad Pro 9.7” inch . Devs please Fix (both year walk and device 6 freezing on launch on my iPad Pro even after latest recent patch on wed. Nov. 22nd 2017) edit: fixed after following dev’s advice to disable display zoom mode, both year walk and device6 now are working. Thanks devs.

Works on iPhone X

Game is amazing!

Fantastic game (is even better on iPhone X)

The devs have updated both this and Year Walk with iPhone X support, and boy am I glad. Both titles are outstanding games made even better on the iPhone X’s larger screen. Incredibly immersive on any decide, Device 6 is a game that deserves your time and attention (and money). Buy it now, go in blind, and enjoy the ride - you’re in for a great experience. Special thanks to Simogo for the quick update supporting new hardware and going the extra mile with the fix; no ugly black bars or poor cropping make this a must-have game on your shiny new iPhone X. Don’t miss out on one of the best mobile games out there! My previous review is below for posterity’s sake. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Don’t buy this game (yet). Let me explain. I always loved Device 6 on my old iPhone, so imagine my disappointment when I unwrap my iPhone X, download Device 6, launch the game, and... nothing happens. Stuck on the launch screen with then game’s logo and no ability to interact or move forward. I want to love this game, and I hate giving a one-star review, but unfortunately for now that’s my only real option - I’m left with an expensive icon, and that’s it. The same thing happened to me with Year Walk. Devs, please update this game. I hear nothing but good things about it, but as of now I can’t say I agree. I look forward to updating this review with a new (working) version of the game.

Great game!

Immersing and engaging. Great concept.

Doesn't work on iPhone x

Opens up to a splash screen and then just freezes Edit: still doesn't work after most recent update even though developer said they were working on update to fix this issue Edit2: after the most recent update the device works on iPhone x. Really great game, requires you to think outside of the box

So confusing

There’s no instructions whatsoever, you can only play with sound on, and it’s not necessarily a game, more like a children’s book.


The concept, art, and music were interesting and original, (which is why it’s getting two stars instead of one,) but the game's execution was lacking. The plot was superficial and basic at best, and there was no emotional investment in the protagonist, Anna. Shouldn’t we care about what happens to her? By the end, I was bored and just wanted it to be over. Some puzzles were easy and some were so obscure that I had to look up solutions. It took the better part of a day to beat, but unfortunately has no replay value unless they release more chapters (but it’s highly unlikely given the ending). To be honest, I expected a better game from all the rave reviews. Is this what passes as “genius” these days?

Please make more levels

It’s all I want

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